At the moment, I’m living in Bangkok after a year in Sydney and before that a few years in Madrid. I love travelling and seeing new places. I love taking pictures of everything and anything, I like baking (and eating it before it’s cooked), I like being with friends and family and I like life… most of the time! This is my blog.. read about things that catch my attention, make me think or just ramblings when I feel like writing…. happy reading :)


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  1. Since you discuss couples etc, could we please have an honorable mention of Jay-Z & Beyonce? Naturally go heavy on Jay-Z. I shall retweet and facebook all JAY-Z posts. Ha!

  2. What if, what if!! Maybe this should be “should I, should I”
    “should I pay the gas bill”
    “should I pay the electric bill”
    NO, I think I will have a manicure, and ask Dad to pay the gas and electric bill!
    Yes we are living in a spoilt world but I love you just the same, and your blog was very well written

    Love Dad xxxxx

    Hi Lauren, I thought it was really really good, well done – Jane xxx

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