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Summer Loving?


The summer is now upon us and I’ve recently seen and heard a lot about the increase in the number of couples breaking up during their holidays. This isn’t a new topic and I actually think that about this time every year there is a surge in information about “How to make your relationship work during the holidays” and a lot more money going into counsellors’ pockets. I’d always thought (being the eternal romantic that I am!) that maybe society was just trying to make some money out of summer. In the same way that valentines, halloween and xmas are becoming more and more consumer focussed events, well perhaps bookstores and chat shows are trying to increase their mid-year income just the same!

But it really made me stop and think when I received an email at work from the company which is responsible for helping us to maintain our ‘work-life balance’ . It said that if anyone was interested then they could request some ‘top tips on how to survive the holidays with their partner’. I thought, hang on a minute.. you’re supposed to help me find a cleaner or a dentist not give me relationship advice while I’m sitting at my desk! Things must be going bad for a lot of couples if this is what they think people need on a Monday morning in July.

I’d never really worried about holidays being a hard time for me and my boyfriend but maybe that’s because I haven’t been married for years either. I can understand what people mean though – being with someone more time than usual can be strange and all those annoying things that your partner does have even more chance to get on your nerves. But surely people notice that their other half is a pain in the ass the other 50 weeks of the year too? I don’t know, I just think it’s unrealistic of couples to say that they’re just fine and dandy until their summer holiday or the week of xmas comes along and that’s when it all goes downhill. Maybe they just don’t want to face their problems during the rest of the year, maybe they put up with less when they’re not in the their routine lifestyle or maybe the love of their life really is a nightmare at the beach!

Whatever the reason, I don’t think that society helps the situation by drilling into our heads that the minute we go away we will start to have relationship problems due to the ‘highly stressful’ nature of a holiday. Maybe if they told us that we would go away and be more in love than ever, then there would be an increase in people renewing their wedding vows this summer, who knows!

My advice would be to just sit back, relax, take in the sights and have a cocktail. If nothing else, at least after 3 Piña Coladas you’ll start to think you’re on holiday with Johnny Depp or Jennifer Anniston and who can complain about that!